Make a Sweet Scandinavian-inspired Headband

I’m a rebel crafter. Which means I’m so curious I am sometimes willing to go a bit rogue and take chances.

Make a Sweet Scandinavian-inspired Headband

I used my thin etched dies to cut felt! Please note: you can easily cut felt with most of our thin dies (basic, non detailed shapes) and they will cut it rather well. It does depend on the kind of felt, and the cheapest felt will not cut at all or will cut very bad. High quality felt that cuts beautifully using thin dies and it will not damage your die.

Make a Sweet Scandinavian-inspired Headband

I snipped the designs for my Holiday 2017 collection as I always do – cutting each image freehand using only scissors. The designs work so well in a wide variety of projects, and I wanted to give my favorite little girl a special piece to wear for Christmas.

I bought the cheapest, thinnest white felt I could find for cutting, and nice, thick red felt for the backing. I ran the thin felt through my Platinum die cutting machine making six passes to be sure the cloth had the best possible chance to cut completely. I used my Snow Ball die  and cut two pieces. Then I gently pulled the scrap from the cuts, which worked out flawlessly.

Make a Sweet Scandinavian-inspired Headband

I cut two layers of lovely thick felt for the backing and stitched them together, then glued the silhouettes on with Alene’s OK to Wash It fabric glue. In advance I measured the circumference of the wearer’s head and made sure that the headband piece and the elastic together made up the proper length. In this case, the circumference was 19” for a six year old little girl.

Make a Sweet Scandinavian-inspired Headband

The basic headband was ready for embellishing. It only needed a little bling and embroidery to bring out the Scandinavian feel. I added a piece of decorative wide elastic to each side and it was finished. I won’t abuse my die again but I do love the wide headband. I have a feeling it will be just the right gift for a special little someone, perfect for our family’s Scandinavian holiday celebrations.


Sharyn Sowell

Sharyn Sowell’s talents include calligraphy, watercolor, cut paper, paper crafts, photography and letterpress printing as well as computer skills.

Sharyn is an author and teacher. She teaches worldwide which gives her the opportunity to meet and share her expertise with a wide range of people, while getting inspiration for her own work from around the globe.

A proven professional with a long track record, Sharyn designs for diverse companies like Midwest CBK, Sunrise Greetings and York Wallcoverings. She’s designed Mrs. Grossman’s laser cut stickers, Paper House Productions craft supplies, textiles for Henry Glass, dies for Spellbinders and rubber stamps for Clearsnap. Sharyn’s original art can be seen in the British National Portrait Gallery, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Orlando Waldorf Astoria. Her covers for Amazon’s Kindle have sold over 2.25 million units and she was twice awarded the Louie Award, the Oscar of the greeting card industry.


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