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Creative Jewelry Plate

I have a few jewelry pieces that I like to take off at night and I’ve always wanted somewhere easy to put them and retrieve again in the morning. When I saw the delicate nature of the Oval Regalia die set I knew I wanted to do something special with it. Instead of die cutting from paper I decided to emboss the pattern onto some beautiful clay. I love how Spellbinders classic dies such as the oval large set used in this project always coordinate perfectly with the other die sets for the perfect finished look.

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Polymer clay teal, Mega Flakes, sunflower oil, Cream Felt and Black felt


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  1. Roll out your desired colour clay, apply some mega flake leafing for the varied gold look randomly to the back of the clay and flip over.
  2. Apply some vegetable oil to your die (this is very important to ensure it doesn’t stick) and press the die face down into the clay for an imprint.
  3. Cut around the die for the finished shape and create a mould from foil to drape the piece over before finishing in the oven as per the directions on the clay packaging.
  4. Remove from the mould when cool.
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  5. Die cut # 3, #4 and #5 dies (#1 being the smallest) from the Classic ovals LG set from a cream colored felt square
  6. Stack and adhere with liquid all purpose glue such as Beacon 3 – in – 1 all purpose adhesive.
  7. Die cut #5 dies from the Classic ovals LG set from a black colored felt square and adhere to the base of the dish.
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  8. Apply some DecoArt Metalic Lustre in Champagne Ice to finish the piece ready for your jewelry.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us at Spellbinders and I hope you enjoyed my share and tutorial today!

Happy Crafting
Beck Beattie

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