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Creating A Zinnia Flower Card With The Stylus Tip

Hello everyone. Yvonne here with a flower card using the new Stylus Tips for the Tool ‘n One system. The easy interchangeable tips in the Stylus set in combination with the Tool ‘n One makes a multi-functional tool that no crafter should be without. I am sharing a Zinnia flower card and want to show you the different uses of these tips with the tool.


Spellbinders Supplies:

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Other Supplies:

Scissors; Ruler; Craft Knife; Bone Folder; Tweezers

Instructions for Zinnia Flower:

  1. Cut/emboss Zinnia Petal #1, #2 and #3 (the smallest die is #1) at least 15 times each from fuchsia cardstock, using the Grand Calibur Machine. Ink the centre of the petals with some lilac ink.
  2. Cut Zinnia Star Floret Die (10 pieces) 1 time from yellow cardstock.
  3. Use the Stylus #1 ball tip to form the florets.
  4. Cut Zinnia Leaf Die 5 times from green cardstock.
  5. Cut Zinnia Disc Floret Die 1 time from green cardstock.
  6. Cut Zinnia Stamen Die 3 times from burgundy cardstock and adhere a piece of double sided tape to the back (not covering the the stamen parts).
  7. Use the Stylus #2 ball tip to curl the stamens.
  8. Roll up the 3 curled stamen diecuts around the needle point of the Tool ‘n One. (do not use a ball tip for you then you cannot slide the rolled up stamen die-cuts from the tip).
  9. Use the Stylus #3 ball tip to form the petals.
  10. Use the Tool ‘n One needle tip or the Stylus #1 to curl the edges of the flower petals.
  11. Build the Zinnia flower upon the Disk Floret die cut.
  12. Glue the (rolled up) stamens in the centre of the flower.
  13. decorate the stamens with the yellow Star florets.

Instructions for Card Base:

  1. Trim a piece of white cardstock to 5 x 11¼” and fold to create a 5… x 5″ card base.
  2. Trim a piece of purple cardstock to 5¼ x 5¼” and glue to card base.
  3. Trim a piece of patterned cardstock to size 5×5″ and glue to card base.
  4. Cut Labels 46 Decorative Element Die #3 with white cardstock, using the Grand Calibur Machine. Glue to card base. Use the Tool ‘n One spatula tip to get the die-cut of of the die-template.
  5. Use the Tool ‘n One Brush tip and/or needle point tip for paper removal from the die-template.
  6. Cut/emboss Labels Forty-Six Die #6 with purple cardstock and glue to card base using 3D foam squares.
  7. Cut/emboss Labels 46 Decorative Element Die #2 from white cardstock and curl the edges of the flower s using a Stylus tip. Glue to card base using 3D Foam Squares.
  8. Glue the Zinnia flower and petals onto the card.


Thanks for stopping by and wishing you happy crafting!



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