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Designer Spotlight: Stacey Caron


download (19)Stacey Caron, President and co-founder of Spellbinders, is the creative force behind Spellbinders’ innovative designs and product lines. In 2003, through her ingenuity in identifying a market need in the arts and crafts industry, Stacey forever changed the world of die cutting and embossing. Responsible for co-developing the first universal cutting and embossing system and the first dies to cut, emboss and stencil, Stacey’s achievement has resulted in the most widely used format for manual die cutting and embossing in today’s craft market.

A pioneer of innovative technology, Spellbinder’s revolutionary dies changed the format of manual die cutting worldwide. Always on the cutting edge of introducing innovation to the market, the company is known worldwide for its game changing products.

What’s your design/ craft story?

After a serious car accident in which I injured my neck, I began to supplement my dental hygiene income by teaching scrapbooking and stamping in a local store. After seeing how limiting the available die cut systems were, I asked my husband Jeff a mechanical engineer and toll and die maker, if he could help me to create a universal system for cutting and embossing with dies. Back in 2003 dies didn’t emboss. I wanted detail in my die cuts! His ingenuity combined with my creativity created the first universal system for cutting, embossing and stenciling. Spellbinders was born!

Define your style in one word. Timeless!

download (20)

How has your design style evolved over the years?

As I have grown as an artist, designer and product innovator, my style has become more refined. I have always considered my design style to be timeless with an old world flare. I currently enjoy mixing old world with more rustic and chic styles. Understanding the theory of color has certainly helped my style evolve over the years, as well.

What’s the most fun thing about developing your own product line? What’s the hardest thing?

The most fun thing for me when developing product lines is seeing it come to life through the art work of others. It is an absolute joy to witness what people create with your original vision and how they turn it into their very own masterpieces. The hardest thing about creating product lines is the never ending quest to one up myself and hoping our fans will love the next line. I have to say, 11 years into the process, so far so good!

Learn more about Art Deco here: Introducing Art Deco by Stacey Caron Design

Who/ what did you have in mind when you designed this new collection?

My most recent product line was inspired by the beautiful and iconic period of Art Deco. I am quite a history buff. I enjoyed researching the history, architecture, culture and fashion of the period.

Who/What inspires you? Why?

I am inspired by everything around me, from the beauty of the seasons, to pop culture, history, architecture and of course, high fashion. I am always fascinated by the stories of strong independent women who have changed the world in one way or another. Coco Chanel has to be one of my favorite designers of all time, she was such a visionary for her time. 105 years after opening her first shop in Paris and her brand endures.

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Spellbinders will be live on Periscope interviewing Stacey about the 2 collections she’s releasing next year and what’s next on her radar.

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