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Orchid Gift Wrap Topper With The Tool ‘N One Stylus Tips

Hello Spellbinders’ friends! Yana Smakula is here with you today sharing a simple and easy way to dress up a gift packaging. I am one of those people who likes to gift wrap just about every present I give as I believe presentation is as important at the gift itself.

I personally love to use paper flowers as gift toppers. They are easy to make and look simply fabulous! In the past, I shared other related projects – Peony Gift Wrap post and Zinnia Gift Wrap video. Be sure to check those out if you haven’t yet seen them.

Today I will be using paper orchids to decorate some clear boxes with yummy chocolate inside. I recommend using new Stylus Tips for Tool ‘n One when making flowers to achieve best results.

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Spellbinders Supplies:

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Other Supplies:

Watercolor Paper; White Thread; Paint Daubers; Various Plastic Boxes, Glue.


  1. Begin by die cutting petals and centers for our flower using paper or cardstock of your choice. I created a soft watercolor background for my flowers (you can learn how to make one yourself in my Watercolor Fantasies post) and die cut the flower pieces out. Use the piercing end of your Tool ‘n One to help you get the die cut pieces out of the die.

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  2. Grab the medium size stylus tip and shape the center of the 2 Petal element. Also use the same tip to shape the central part of the flower center.

  3. Switch to the largest stylus tip and use it to shape the rest of the elements – the center as well as the petals. I find I’m able to achieve better results when using multiple size stylus tips. Smaller work best for small areas and larger – for large areas.

    download (24)
  4. Lastly, use the smallest 1mm stylus tip to help hold the elements in place when adhering one on top of the other. You can use your fingers, too, but with small elements like these I prefer using the smallest stylus tip. It works much better as the piercing end of the Tool ‘n One as it doesn’€™t piece the paper if you accidentally apply too much pressure.
  5. Attach your flowers onto gift boxes and enjoy!
Designer’€™s Note:

If you have a hard time shaping the petals use a bit of water and gently spritz the die cuts. It will make shaping them a much easier task.

Are you like me and like to gift wrap gifts? Have you ever made paper flowers to use a gift toppers? Share your comments below, I love hearing from you!

Hi! I'm Yana Smakula (pronounced Sma-coo-la)! I love all things handmade. My passion is cardmaking featuring some fun and simple die-cutting and stamping techniques!

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