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Step by Step Tutorial Positively Peony

Welcome back! Today I want to give you a step-by-step visual tutorial on making my Spellbinders® Simple Anemone flower. Once you see how easy it is to create this flower, I am sure you will have a garden full and for me, who has no green thumb, that can be a good thing! Check out yesterday’s blog post to see how to use these flowers to decorate a cake, click: Maker Moments: Simple Anemones/Pocketful Of Posies Cake.

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SR-037 Simple Anemone
PL-001 Platinum™ Machine
Mini styrofoam ball, floral wire, tissue paper, clear-drying glue

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Step 1 – Insert mini Styrofoam ball into floral wire. I got my little Styrofoam ball at Hobby Lobby in the party section. You can get a big bag for $4.00.

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Step 2 – Cut small square or circle of tissue paper to cover ball. Wrap paper around ball and secure with floral tape.

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Step 3 – Make stamen by cutting a strip of tissue paper about 3” x 2” long. Fold the 2” side in half and then snip the non-folded side with 5-bladed scissors.

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Step 4 – Wrap stamen around center ball and adhere in place with floral tape.

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Step 5 – Die-cut various shades of tissue paper from Positively Peony die for flower. Attach petals to base of ball with floral tape. You can pinch the petals slightly too and then attach with floral tape. This allows the flower to look a little more open.

download (40)

Step 6 – Continually add more petals until you reach the size flower you like.

Step 7 – Die-cut leaves from your choice of paper, crepe paper or felt. Attach floral wire to back with clear-drying glue. Attach stem and leaf to flower with floral tape.

*Varying the different colors of tissue paper gives the flower a more realistic look.
* Try using patterned tissue paper to create a whimsical flower.
* To make your flower look life-like, fill a small mister bottle with ¼ bleach and ¼ to ½ water. Mist flower lightly and allow to dry. This will lighten the color of your flower.

And that my friends, is it! Give it a shot. I would love to see what you make 🙂

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