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Creative Cafe Try A Trend: Hats Off to the Kentucky Derby!

Held on the first weekend in May, the Kentucky Derby embraces the unique styles of both men and women as they attend this iconic annual sporting event. Gentlemen usually wear stylish bow ties and women, the infamous and often times, outlandish hats.

So holding true to that tradition, I have created a custom designed headpiece. I pre-purchased a hat and embellished it with crepe paper leaves, tissue paper and cardstock flowers. To enhance the quirkiness of this statement piece, wired moss and bridal netting were added.

Flowers were created using Pocketful of Posies and Oopsy Daisy Contour Steel Rule Dies from my Quite Contrary Collection. To see steps on creating the largest Pocketful of Posies bloom, click: How to Create a Posey.

Using the Oopsy Daisy die, the Daisy flower was created by layering several cardstock colors of the flower together then adhering the bottom Daisy to a small, half styrofoam ball. Insert a floral wire into the styrofoam using hot glue. Adhere stamen into the center of the flower if desired. Move the stamen away from the center so there is room for this next piece. Roll up tissue paper and coil into a circle and insert into the middle of the flower. For pictured details, click: How to Create a Daisy Flower.

Finally, I die-cut felt and crepe paper for leaves from both flower dies to complete the look. I do think it would look ‘€œsmashing’€ on just the right person! I’m certain you can make a hat in your own style too! Send us a picture or link in comments. I would love to see what creativity blossomed on your side!


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