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I love the succulent and cactus trend right now for parties. Living in the desert it makes it an easy trend to follow! These cactus garden cupcakes are simple to make and adorable for parties. A cactus is really the only kind of plant I can keep alive so I am fond of them. Putting a couple of these simple toppers on each cupcake turns it into a little succulent or cactus garden. You can also use the toppers for other party foods like appetizers and cheese.

What you need to make them:
Prizm Die Cutting & Embossing Machine
Succulent Garden Etched Dies
Green and Pink Cardstock
Frosted Cpcakes
Crushed Graham Crackers

Cut out the cactus and succulent shapes with the Spellbinders Prizm die cutting machine. I used pink paper for the flowers.

Glue the flowers on to front of the cactus shapes. Then glue the top of the toothpicks to the back of the cactus. For the other succulent shapes just glue the toothpicks to the back.

Dip frosted cupcakes in graham cracker crumbs. Then put the succulent toppers on the cupcakes, two or three in each.

Aren’t these little cactus garden cupcakes the cutest?! You can mix them up and add different combinations with the succulent die shapes. Other shapes that are great for toppers are the Sea Horse and Sand Dollar. You can use them with the sandy cupcakes like these cupcakes for a beach party!

Valerie Lewis

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