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Makers Moment: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Michelle and I agree that ANY event is an opportunity to celebrate because, as we have mentioned before, we love a party! Tuesday is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and it is no exception to our rule. We used our imagination and came up with our interpretation of this “holiday”.

So this is our Perfect Match box. Pretty cute, huh? And the nicest part is that this box can be decorated in so many ways and it has functionality! Bet you can come up with something unique too! We cut the box out of “vanilla”-colored card stock and then attached “strawberry” and “chocolate” card stock to the sides.

For the top and bottom of the “sandwich”, we used the thicker foam felt in black (not brown) because it looked more realistic. TIP*- To create the sandwich holes on top, use our Tool ‘n One™. Love that tool!

For the tag, we typed our sentiment (how perfect for the day!), and then cut it out using the tag from Happy Times found here.  You also could print or type the sentiment “I’ll stop the world and melt for you”. So much sweet stuff.

Do you have this box yet? It’s super easy to make and has lots of possibilities. What are you going to do? What is your favorite ice cream sandwich?

Glad you stopped by.




Debi and Michelle

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