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Guest Blogger: Seth Apter, Creating Texture and Dimension

As a mixed media artist, I absolutely love to create texture and dimension on any surface that I make. I can do that with paints, collage or art mediums. And I can definitely do that with die cuts.

One of my many mottos is “if you do it once, you should do it twice” and this holds true with 3D die cutting as well. By running the same die through your machine multiple times, you can easily cut repeats of the same shapes. If you are using a steel rule die, you can even cut 6+ layers of paper on the same pass with Spellbinders Platinum Die Cutting and Embossing Machine.

By stacking these die cuts, you can easily turn them into 3D objects. In this way, you add dimension to your artwork and use the die in a way that truly makes it your own. Adding these 3D die cuts to a card or scrapbook would also be a way to set them apart.

When creating these die cut stacks, I typically use plain card stock for the layers and a hand painted die cut for the very top. You can also use decorative paper instead. I have found that between 9 and 12 cuts makes for a nice, balanced height that does not overwhelm the project.

I adhere them together, layer by layer, using either white glue or a glue stick. With intricate dies it might be best to either run your paper in advance through an adhesive machine or use sticky back paper for your die cuts.

If you chose the right dies, you can also overlap and/or interweave them to create a 3D feel as well.

Stacking multiple cuts of different dies together can also lend itself to a unique and cool look. And nesting other dimensional embellishments inside your die cuts is also a great way to add more interest to your work.

Spellbinders dies used in the art in this post:
S3-231 Robo Square
S3-235 Fragment X
S3-237 Cross Bars
S4-620 Take Flight
S4-621 Drip Drop
S4-625 Ring Around

I would love to see any 3D die cuts that you make. You can email me or visit my website or blog.


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