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Many of the Spellbinders fans and followers have asked what I have been up to or what interesting places have I visited during the summer so for this week’s post I’ve decided to share one of my bucket list trips with all of you!

As we are all aware life is short, so why not take some time to create a list of special things you would like to do or places you would like to see and experience before the pearly gates are standing before you? I actually took the time in May and did that very thing…..create a bucket list.

My husband Jeff rides motorcycles and dirt bikes and has done so his entire life. I on the other hand consider myself  a great “passenger”. One of our bucket list trips as a couple  has always been to go to the largest bike rally in the world, Sturgis South Dakota.

I cannot tell you how many years while building Spellbinders, we put off that trip! Well, this year we finally went and it was fascinating and lots of fun. Seeing and experiencing the sheer number of bikes and people that descend on that small South Dakota town was nothing short of astonishing.

One of the coolest things we did was take the back roads and routes to Sturgis rather than the highways which allowed us to see the true beauty of several western including  Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado and finally South Dakota.

Visiting the town of Deadwood was a real adventure. The city is full of interesting historic sites, beautiful art galleries and lots of shopping! This town is definitely worth spending some time in!

Lastly,  Mount Rushmore, was truly a highlight of the trip! Seeing Mount Rushmore at sunset was particularly special. After the sun goes down the park Rangers show a movie about the monument being built and the inspiration behind why the four presidents were chosen. After the movie, the monument is lit up and our current military personnel and veterans are honored for their service.  It was very touching & beautiful and something I hope you all have the opportunity to experience some day.


  • Barb Macaskill

    What an amazing trip! My husband and I would love a trip like this! One day he will get his motorcycle and we will travel around the country!! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!

  • Lynn Conlon

    What has happened to all the older card/inspiration galleries on the Spellbinders website? I can’t find anything I’m looking for. None of the older videos that show how to sandwich, etc. I am so frustrated. I’m a card maker and oftentimes bought your dies from watching the videos and looking through the galleries. I haven’t bought a Spellbinder die for forever because I can’t find any galleries that show cards being made from the new dies.

    • Spellbinders Team

      Unfortunately, due to a website crash we lost a lot of old blogs, tutorials, videos & inspiration galleries. We are working really hard and gathering all the old content and reposting. We are also working on new videos/content to replace anything we have lost permanently. We understand your frustration as we have the same. The new blogs do use any new dies though, is there one in particular you are looking for a tutorial on?

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