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Guest Blogger: Debi Adams, Wild & Free Birthday Sign

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I’m Debi Adams, an artist and designer for Spellbinders and today I am so thankful and excited to be a guest blogger. I am also happy to showcase part of my new line, “Wild and Free“. As I wrote on my Maker Moments post here last week, this line was influenced by the young and trendy art I see everywhere. You will probably notice, I put a little bit of everything in this next project so you could get a feel for it but really, if you just chose one or two die-sets, you will still be able to create this birthday sign.

Yes, you can make this! I will give you a few tips and tricks, even if you do not have great printing or handwriting.

Let’s get the supplies together first. You will need the following:

Spellbinders® Platinum™ or Platinum 6™ Machine: PL-001 or PE-100

Thoughts-SBS-066 (Stamped Using a White Chalkboard Marker)

Be/So Hex-SDS-031


Geraniums and Leaves-S4-678

Ruffled Flowers-S5-277


A Pre-cut Piece of Blackboard (Found at your Local Hardware store- Mine was cut to 11″ X 14″)

White, Pink and Green Bistro Markers

Metallic Gold Marker

Cardstock of Your Choice


Graphite or Tracing Paper

If you enjoy handwriting or printing, go for it! Make sure you block off specific areas that will be used for additional fun information. I did not provide you with those measurements  because this is a custom piece of work. Everyone’s information will be different.

Now if you want to try your hand at this but you aren’t sure that your handwriting will look good, why not try it out first with a watercolor white pencil or you just go directly with the blackboard marker? Remember, you can just wipe it all off and start all over if you don’t like it.

And so for those of you who think there is no way you can do this, here’s the secret. Print out the words and font you like onto paper.  Place the paper onto the board and use repositionable tape at the top to secure in place. Lift the paper and insert graphite paper. Put the paper back down and simply trace the words.  :). Ok, I know you can do this! Now trace around the image you just wrote using the white chalkboard marker. Easy peasy I say.

As you make your different boxes for information, remember to leave room for  your decorative die pieces. Also, take a peek at the top of my board. I used several shades of green for the leaves, actually I even used a tad bit of aqua. Step outside of the box and give it a try. You might be surprised how much you like it!


After you have written everything into the boxes, die-cut your images from cardstock and attach to the board. I even managed to stamp the word “sweet” from the “Thoughts” set using the white marker. Can you see it? It’s near the number 1. You can embellish the Flamingo with a gold pen if you like. I used the white marker to make centers for the  pink flowers.

That’s it. How fun is this sign? It doesn’t have to be for a baby or birthday either. Think Bachelorette Party or Retirement Party, really anything. What is your favorite die? Take a peek at the entire “Wild and Free” collection right here and start creating.




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