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Rouge Royal Triangle Happy Birthday Card

Hello it’s Christina here and today I am using the Fretwork Triangle for my card in a lovely shade of lilac teamed with white. There is very little measuring for this quick and easy design just let the die do all the work as you create a clean and fresh looking card.

Spellbinders Supplies:

Rouge Royal Triangle Fretwork

Blistered Embossing Folder


Other Supplies:

White/Lilac card

White satin ribbon

Pearl centrepiece


Fold an A4 piece of white card in half along the long side and then trim it down to 91/2″.

Cut a piece of lilac card to fit the front,  leaving a small border around each edge.

Emboss in the folder on one side and then turn the card around in the folder.

Cover the un patterned side with the tan mat and partially cover with the embossing plate.

This will prevent you from flattening the side already embossed as you run it through the machine a second time.

With the solid outer cutting edge of the triangle cut four panels in some patterned card.

With the outer cutting edge and the patterned triangle of your choice cut four panels in white card.

Trim some foam pads to fit around the thin edge of the fretwork and attach them to the solid triangles.

Add these pieces to the embossed layer.

Start in the centre of the card and then you can equalise the other triangles as you go.

Snip one of them in half to add to each end to follow on with the pattern.

Wrap with white ribbon and secure on the back with glue.

Glue the bow in place and add the pearl centrepiece to cover the knot.

Add this layer to the base card.

You can dress the card further with more pearls or flowers if you wish.

For more ideas and inspiration visit Flowers Ribbons and Pearls .

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