Coming Soon Sneak Peek - Creativations 2017 1080x610
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12 Days of Prizes & Previews – Countdown to Creativation 2017!

We are counting down the days to Creativation 2017 (Craft & Hobby Assoc. Trade Show) here in Phoenix Arizona! Not everyone can make the event so we are bringing it to YOU! Check out all the awesome new products & inspiration that will be coming in 2017 in our sneak peeks. Plus, enter to win exciting prizes.

Coming Soon Sneak Peek - Creativations 2017

The event will start Monday, January 9th, with Designer Days. We are excited to introduce our licensed designers for 2017 – some whom you know and some who are new, so stay tuned! Wait, there’s more! But let Yana explain what will be happening, you don’t want to miss it (see her video below) … take it away!


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