Spellbinders Designer Days Feature (Day 2) Stephanie Low and Lene Lok
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Designer Days with Lene Lok, Countdown to Creativation

We are counting down the days to Creativation 2017 (Craft & Hobby Assoc. Trade Show) here in Phoenix Arizona! Not everyone can make the event so why not bring some of it to you. This week, we are featuring Designer Days to introduce our licensed designers for 2017 – some whom you know and some who are new, so stay tuned! Today, we continue with another one of our newest licensed designer, Lene Lok!

Describe {Lene Lok} in three words.

Loving, Imaginary, Creative

What were some influences that helped shape the collection?

Being a Dane living in Asia for 15 years I have spent many holidays travelling to tropical places in South East Asia. These “Tropical Paradises” makes me happy when just thinking of them. Palm trees, coconuts, wide green leafs, tropical flowers and the bright colours etc etc. They all bring a smile to my face and for me, they are associated with happiness and relaxation. A particular place on Borneo where I have been a few times has influenced me a lot.

Where is your favorite place to create or get inspired?

By living in a metropolitan city like Hong Kong, I am getting inspired from my day to day life. People in Hong Kong are from all over the world, every imaginable culture, and I enjoy watching people. I get inspired from walking through the city, observing people and the surroundings. I get inspired from the landscape that contains anything from skyscrapers and density to green mountains and sandy beaches. It is my absolute favourite city!

What are your favorite, ‘must have’ pieces in your upcoming collection?

The “Palm Tree” is unique and for me the strongest symbol of a tropical paradise. Most people will associate palm trees with a sunny warm day on the beach.

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  • Beth Williams

    I was born in Miami (a very long time ago) and my parents were from Barbados. My father turned our yard into a mini-Barbados, they even did an article about it in the Miami Herald. Obviously I love and miss the tropics. Some things in yur collection bring back very happy memoires.

  • Laura Peddicord

    I love that nature is a part of your designs and that the details in those objects of nature are included. I had never thought of the detail of a pineapple but your card made me want to look at it. It’s amazing to look at it from a different point of view. Thank you.

  • Beverly Jordan

    Welcome Lene Lok! Congratulations on being chosen as one of Spellbinders 2017 Design team!! Love your gorgeous cards and looking forward to seeing the new dies!

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