Spellbinders Designer Days Feature (Day 2) Stephanie Low and Lene Lok
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Designer Days with Stephanie Low, Countdown to Creativation

We are counting down the days to Creativation 2017 (Craft & Hobby Assoc. Trade Show) here in Phoenix Arizona! Not everyone can make the event so why not bring some of it to you. This week, we are featuring Designer Days to introduce our licensed designers for 2017 – some whom you know and some who are new, so stay tuned! Today, we continue with one of our newest licensed designer, Stephanie Low!

Describe {Stephanie Low} in three words.

Down-to-earth, Edgy, Authentic.

What were some influences that helped shape the collection?

I think the obvious influence that shaped this first collection of mine was nature. Less obviously it is inspired by my work designing custom tattoos. Tattoo designs are much like stamp designs in that they both reply on precise line work and unique details. Details that make an often otherwise ordinary object into something that will stand out, be memorable and unique. I wanted the bird, the mushrooms, the feathers, the crystals, the owl, the leaves, the flowers to have a tiny element of exaggeration and a touch of whimsy; just enough to make them edgy. My stamp designs are sweet testaments to the world around us and the world that empowers and guides us.

Where is your favorite place to create or get inspired?

I create in my office, which is also my bedroom, which is also my most favorite place in the world! If I am illustrating new stamp or tattoo designs I usually cuddle up with my iPadPro and Apple Pencil in my bed and blankets with some music based on my mood and subject matter and end up working late into the night. If I am painting or creating pretty little stamp creations I sit curled up in my office chair at my desk surrounded by a cup of chamomile tea, boxes of tools, a palate of my favorite colors and little to no plan aside from putting color on paper. Netflix and Pandora music and sleeping children are my muse. I feel the need to create new things on a daily basis, but usually the trifecta of available quiet time, enjoyable subject matter and comfy clothes makes the process much smoother! If I could I would paint and draw and paint and draw every day all day long! “I want to die painting.” – Paul Cezanne I get inspired in several locations but most prominently I get inspired when I drive. I live in Hawaii and so long road trips are tricky, but when I am running errands and driving from here to there I find my mind wandering and searching for new ways I can do things. I carry a note pad where ever I go in order to jot ideas down and have to restrain myself from note taking while driving! I am also very very inspired by the amazing art I see around me and on social media. My Instagram feed is primarily tattoo artists and painters and photographers. The breadth of artistic talent in this world is overwhelming.

What are your favorite, ‘must have’ pieces in your upcoming collection?

I do have a few favorite designs in this first collection. I am particularly excited about my large feather and my owl. Feathers have been my artistic niche since 2013. I have completed one of a kind completely customized feather tattoo designs for hundreds of people all over the world! It is my goal to try to have a feather in each of my collections. This feather is very simple and sweet. It has a few of my signature elements included in it. I was pleasantly surprised by the way my owl turned out and I couldn’t be happier with it. I referenced owl photographs as well as owl tattoos and married the two in this unique design. It is embellished and yet I managed to keep it fairly simple and classic. I think it is my favorite. A few others I am very pleased with are the funky jellyfish and my two favorite flowers to draw; chrysanthemum and peony. But most of all I am just excited to start seeing them in the hands of satisfied and inspired customers. I can NOT wait to see what people make with them. I hope they tag me in their creations and share the love and creativity!

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