Spellbinders Designer Days Feature (Day 4) Debi Adams and Sharyn Sowell
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Designer Days with Sharyn Sowell, Countdown to Creativation

We are counting down the days to Creativation 2017 (Craft & Hobby Assoc. Trade Show) here in Phoenix Arizona! Not everyone can make the event so why not bring some of it to you. This week, we are featuring Designer Days to introduce our licensed designers for 2017 – some whom you know and some who are new, so stay tuned! Today, we continue with one of our newest licensed designer, Sharyn Sowell!

Describe {Sharyn Sowell} in three words.

Lover of God, people and creative pursuits. And words, which is why there are more than three!

What were some influences that helped shape the collection?

Some of my happiest memories are of celebrations shared with family and friends. I love to make people feel cared for. Parties and gifts are one way I do that. My goal was a collection that shouts happy and sings a message of love. Each piece in this collection was snipped freehand with my scissors first. I’m very thrifty, so I make sure each piece can be used many ways. This means each die will easily coordinate with the rest of the group and also with the dies you already have in your stash.

Where is your favorite place to create or get inspired?

I live in the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. My neighborhood, daily walks, and the view out my studio window are the best inspiration anyone could imagine. My studio is a tiny cottage in a garden full of fruit and flowers, and my friends and I throw teas and birthday parties and celebrations of all sorts. I grin every time I walk through the studio door and love my commute. I believe real life is the best fairy tale, and my own ordinary daily life furnishes more inspiration than I could ever use. But I also teach aboard cruise ships, where my studio is a small blue box crammed with art essentials and a very fat sketchbook and the whole world unfurls before me.

What are your favorite, ‘must have’ pieces in your upcoming collection?

The birthday parade. Wait, no! I think I love the little bird and flowers on the heart best. Well, maybe it’s actually the sweet border for cake stands and shelves. Or the children with the balloons. No, actually it’s definitely the little house. Definitely. OK- wait- I forgot about the letter stamps and the florals because they are so flexible! Never mind. I think it’s the birthday parade after all. Or the little house.

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  • Beth Williams

    Have to have the little house! Your collection is so sweet & happy-but I want the house for a Halloween village!

  • Stacy O'Dell

    I am astounded by the designs being showcased each day!!! They are all so unique, creative and wonderful I just can’t wait until they are available! And the projects you have all down with the products are awesome!!! Each day is a treasure!!!

  • Laura Peddicord

    You definitely have created something happy with all of your beautiful work. I’m sure others do it too, but you are the first designer, with whom I am familiar, to say that part of creating your work is to make sure there are different ways to use your product and be able to use the resources we already have. Thank you for sharing your art and congratulations on being one of Spellbinders’ 2017 Designers.

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