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DIY Felt Posie Spool Photo Holder Tutorial

In January members of the Spellbinders team were in Phoenix at the Creativation trade show to share our latest collections with retail store owners. The theme of my display focused on felt posies and vintage spools. I used vintage thread spools to create photo holders to display cards featuring my new stamps. The spools got so much love from visitors to our booth! They are so sweet and easy to make and a fun way to use flower dies.

Posie Spool Photo Holder by Tammy Tutterow for Spellbinders Paper Arts

I like to use one or two flowers die cuts layered together for each spool.  You can use any of my five posies sets to mix and match fun flower combinations.  For this spool, I die cut one small Shabby Posie and one medium Pom Pom Posie.  I also die cut two leaves using the single leaf die in the Pom Pom Posies set.  For this spool I used 100% wool felt for the die cuts.

The leaves will each need a stem.  Place a line of liquid glue from the stem to the tip on the two leaves.  Lay a short piece of floral wire in the line of glue.  Set aside to dry.  Tip: I used Therm O Web’s Mixed Media Adhesive to adhere my stem to the felt leaves.  It is great at adhering metal to fabric and dries clear.

Note: If you use acrylic or craft felt, test your adhesive with a scrap of felt before working on your leaves.  Some adhesives are not very effective on craft felt because of the high acrylic content.

Layer your two posies together.  Punch or cut a hole in the center.

Select a bunch of flower stamens and/or paper posies.  You can find flower stamens at craft stores in the cake decorating and wedding craft sections.  The small paper posies I am using are vintage.  You can find them (and lots of stamens) on Etsy and Ebay.  Tim Holtz also just added paper posies to his Idea-ology line.  They look just like the vintage ones, but are white so that they can be colored with inks.

Twist the stems of the posies and stamens together.

Place the combined stem through the hole in the center of the flowers.  Push the posies all the way to the top against the bottom of the stamens.  They should stay in place there but you could add a drop of adhesive for extra security.

Wrap the stem of the posie and the leaves with floral tape.

To create the photo clip, cut piece of floral wired to about 10-12″ long.  Wrap it around a wood dowel 4 times.  The dowel (I used a wood handled piercing tool) should be at least the size of your little finger or slightly larger.  Anything smaller will make the photo clip too small.

Use pliers to hold the ends of the wire together.  Begin twisting the wire.  (I usually just turn the dowel and keep the pliers still.)

Continue twisting until the stem portion is tightly wound together.  You will notice that as you twist and tighten the stem, the round coils also tighten and draw in closer to each other.

Slide the photo clip off of the dowel.

Fill the center of a wooden spool with hot glue.  Be sure to work on a protected surface since the glue can leak out the bottom of the spool.

While the glue is hot, insert the flower, the leaves, and then photo clip into the center of the spool into the glue.  Set aside to cool.

Once the glue has cooled, arrange your leaves and stamens as desired.  Since the leaves have a wire stem you are able to bend and shape them.

The handmade photo clip is strong enough to hold a photo or a card.

You can customize these for any event or decor by simply changing the color of the felt.  If you don’t have vintage spools with thread on them, you can buy empty wooden spools in wood craft sections of most craft stores.  Wrap the empty spools with different ribbon or fibers to match your theme.

I just adore these fun little holders. Wouldn’t they be fun to give as a gift with the next card you give someone?  Or how about using them to hold place cards for your next holiday table or shower?


Spellbinders® Supplies:
S4-628 Shabby Posies
S4-631 Pom Pom Posies
Choice of: Spellbinders® Platinum™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine, Spellbinders® Platinum™ 6 Die Cutting and Embossing Machine, or Spellbinders® Prizm™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine
Wooden Spool; Wool Felt; Flower Stamens or Small Paper Posies; Floral Wire; Thread Wrapped Floral Wire; Floral Tape; Dowel Rod; Pliers; Wire Snips; Hole Punch; Therm O Web Mixed Media Adhesive; Hot Glue


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