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DIY Geometric and Swallow Vase Tutorial

Target + DIY = Retail Therapy + Creative Therapy: my happy place equation that makes my trips to get a gallon of milk and new socks for my kids much more exciting!

I found this plain little geometric vase at Target and saw so much potential. I decided to hit YouTube to see if I could find a cool way to paint/die/embellish ceramic. I found several tutorials on using Alcohol Ink on ceramic to “paint” things like mugs, coasters, flowers pots, etc. Find one to suit your comfort level.

Let’s get started…first you coat a section of your vase with Isopropyl Alcohol. BEFORE it dries you need to apply the alcohol inks. I used Tim Holtz’s Adirondak Alcohol Inks by Ranger Ink in Denim/Aqua/Gold. Let gravity help by simply dripping it along the edge of the vase. OR you can apply it in drops/swirls, move your vase around to let the ink do its thing or blow on it to create interesting shapes/blends. Keep applying alcohol and inks until you have covered the surface.

THE BEST PART: you can erase it all and start over again if you hate it! Simply wet a rag/paper towel with alcohol and wipe it all down! I will remind you however that sloppy and messy looks really cool sometimes, so don’t over think it!

Once it is dry then go over it VERY LIGHTLY with your Mod Podge (it might smear a little, so go over it very gently!). Once that first coat dries I suggest another coat just to be sure you have covered the whole space.

Then I applied my cute swallows from Swallow Stamp and Die Set from my Spring Love Collection. I used a waterproof ink pad and embellished them just a tad with a permanent pen.

SIMPLE! Yet SO Unique and So personal! You could do this over and over again but never have the same outcome!

I hope you like this simple little DIY project as much as I do! I can’t wait to do more of them and gets a little bit whacky with color choices and stamp combos! Be sure to share your projects with me!

xoxo, Stephanie

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