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#NeverStopMaking Tammy Tutterow FREE Coloring Page

I don’t know about you, but for me, creativity and making are as essential to living as breathing. For as long as I can remember, creativity was something I turned to as entertainment in good times and as a refuge when life felt hard. As a kid I daydreamed with a pencil in my hand. When I played I made hand drawn paper dolls or Barbies with handmade clothes. Growing up didn’t make the need to create stop, it just made the supplies better!

When the team at Spellbinders told me about their plans for their new #neverstopmaking campaign I found myself pondering the idea (with a pencil in my hand of course!). I thought about how making and creating was equal in importance to so many things in life – important things like love and forgiveness. As I doodled, I started with the thought “never stop” right in the middle of my page. I thoughts about all of those important things that we should never stop, including the need to create and make. As I pondered and doodled, I saw a fun little coloring page come to life. Truth be told, I just might doodle as an excuse to color.

I thought my fellow coloring fans might enjoy my doodle too. It is such a fun and happy little doodle, I hope you will enjoy coloring it as much as I did!

To download, simply right click on the following link and save to your computer: How To Have a Happy Heart FREE Coloring Page.

Spellbinders is opening up their gallery to you! Because we all love to see what you are making with the products, so they created a Spellbinders’ fan gallery. To enter, add your latest projects by simply tagging your photos with #NeverStopMaking or #Spellbinders on social media or go directly to the gallery to submit. The favorites will be selected to be featured on the website! Check out the amazing projects here:!

Hope today’s coloring page inspire you to #NeverStopMaking!

– Tammy

PS. I offer several other free coloring pages on my website. You can check them out here: Tammy Tutterow Coloring Pages

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