Stephanie Low

Stephanie has been privileged to illustrate for authors, publications, interior decorators, cross-stitchers, home-owners, and business owners from all around the world. Stephanie has found her style, artistic voice, and joy through this business.

Her decision to work as a licensed artist with Spellbinders perfectly marries her love of illustration with paper crafting. She has a unique and raw approach to crafting and has been able to apply her edgy youthful style to reinvent the traditional crafters mold and appeal to a new younger crafting market.


Stitched Vibes

I have this annoying tendency to pick up new fun hobbies or skills or projects and get tired of them before I gain much momentum.  Illustrating has actually been my longest running hubby that I have not lost interest in and I think it is because I need it for happiness at this point.  Maybe

Precision Die-Cutting with No Rain No Flower Stamp + Die Set

I have been drawing, A LOT and my recent focus has been on peonies! Peonies are the “new rose.” Roses are symbolically timeless and classic but peonies are so diverse, full and romantic. They also symbolize good fortune and prosperity. I remembered putting some simple little peonies into some of the stamps in my Spring