Creative Cafe Try A Trend: Simple Anemone Flower Video Tutorial

Today, Debi Adams will be using her SR-037 Simple Anemone Contour™ Steel Rule Die from her Quite Contrary Collection to show you how to recreate a bloom for YOU in a few easy steps.

  1. Adhere mini Styrofoam ball to floral wire.
  2. Wrap black tissue paper around ball and secure in place with floral tape.
  3. Cut a 1½ x 1” strip of black tissue paper. Snip longest edge with 5 bladed scissors about ½” down and continue until entire strip has been done. Wrap strip around Flower and attach to center base with floral tape or hot glue.
  4. Die-cut smaller Anemone Flower from 14 layers of tissue paper. (These all can be cut at once).
  5. Put two sheets of each Flower together to form each petal. Begin attaching petals to base of Flower center using floral tape, pinching edge of petals if necessary and stretching floral tape while twisting Flower. Continually add petals until desired shape is formed.
  6. Die-cut Leaves from Anemone die and attach to Flower using floral tape. When finished, twist floral tape on down to end of stem.

Tip: For additional color, try embellishing the tissue paper with a marker that is slightly darker than the tissue paper. Consider using various containers to showcase your Flower. Here we have used a bowl, slice of wood and a peat pot with a nest.

Spellbinders Supplies:
PL-001 Spellbinders® Platinum™ Machine
SR-037 Simple Anemones Contour™ Steel Rule Die

Other Supplies:
Plain Cardstock of Your Choice; Plain Tissue Paper of Your Choice-Black and One Other Color; 5 Bladed Scissors; Floral Tape; Floral Wire-18 or 20 Gauge Wire; Hot Glue; Mini Styrofoam

Optional Items:
Hanging Glass Terrarium; Markers; Moss; Peat Pot; Small Nest; Wood Slice

For a visual tutorial, check out Debi’s Simple Anemone Flower Video Tutorial below.

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Debi Adams

As far as she can remember, Debi has been crafting, creating and doing art in one form or another. Born and raised in Southern California and the mother of four grown daughters, Debi is an in-house Senior Creative Designer at Spellbinders. She considers herself an “eclectic artist”, dabbling in mixed-media, party décor, paper crafting, painting, calligraphy, sewing, floral arranging, and everything in between. She has been featured in Somerset Studios, Where Women Cook and Where Women Create magazines. Though her passion is in creating art, she finds as much joy in giving it away. Her free time is spent junking, traveling, seeing her girls and new grandson and creating…art!


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