Crowned Medallion Journal


Designer Terre Fry turned a plain journal book into something spectacular! With embossed metal and a beautiful focal piece, you can’t go wrong with this project. Make one as a gift or maybe keep it for yourself!


Other Supplies:

Wire Cutters; Wax Paper; Black Journal; White Paint; Gesso; Sand Paper


  1. Cover the front and back of the journal with Gesso and dry completely.
  2. Blend Rich Cocoa ink into the front and back covers of the journal to create a soft brown tone and to highlight the texture.
  3. Emboss Foil Pack Bronze Foil with Vintage Damask Texture Plate, using the Grand Calibur® Machine. TIP: Put a piece of wax paper over the texture plate before you put the bronze foil on the texture plate. This will help release the foil from the texture plate.
  4. Sand the embossed bronze foil to show some of the silver core.
  5. Using Beacon 527 glue, adhere Antiqued Rhinestone Chain around the outer edge of the bronze foil and dry completely.
  6. Cover the Crowned Medallion with white paint. When dried, sand the front until some of the rose gold color shows through to achieve an aged, distressed look.
  7. Embellish the Crowned Medallion using the Antiqued Rhinestone Chain as shown in project photo.

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