Dance Card Necklace


Using the Dance Card Pendant (Silver) and Ephemera Pack Pack from the A Gilded Life Collection, Designer Terre Fry created this stunning heirloom inspired necklace. Let her show you how to recreate this wonderful piece for your jewelry box.


Other Supplies:

Wire Cutters; Needle and Thread; Scissors; Sand Paper; Ribbon; Jump Ring


  1. Trim photo from Ephemera Paper Pack to fit onto the top of the Dance Card Pendant (Silver). Adhere in place.
  2. Using sand paper, sand the front and back of the Dance Card Pendant (Silver).
  3. Trim a piece of lace from the Ephemera Paper Pack, using needle and thread gather it using a running stitch. Adhere to the bottom of the Dance Card Pendant (Silver).
  4. Using wire cutters, cut pieces of the Antiqued Rhinestone Chain I to fit around three sides of the Dance Card Pendant (Silver). Adhere in place using Beacon 527 Glue.
  5. Use remaining piece of lace to secure and tie a bow threw the top of the Dance Card Pendant (Silver).
  6. Embellish the Dance Card Pendant (Silver) using Grandmother’s Buttons and Antiqued Rhinestone Chain I as shown in project photo.

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