Happy You Canvas


Designer Judy Hayes created a bright cheery little canvas to celebrate someone special! She added texture and dimension in this wonderful mixed media project, along with our Decorated Birthday set from the Let’s Party Collection.


S7-202 Decorated Birthday
PL-001 Platinum™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine – 8.5″ Platform

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*continued list for DecoArt supplies (see right side box): Media™ Fluid Acrylics™ Quinacridone Gold, Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow, Primary Cyan, Burnt Umber, Interference Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, American Medieval Iron Accent Stencil, Satin Varnish and Media™ Patina Green Antiquing Cream

Other Supplies:

4 x 4ʺ Canvas; Twine; Light Chipboard


  1. For the canvas, apply tissue paper with Matte Medium.
  2. Next apply modeling paste through a stencil as well as spread along edges.
  3. Once dried, paint diluted Burnt Umber over canvas.
  4. Brush Interference Gold over some areas of the canvas. Once the canvas dries, it’s ready to be embellished.
  5. Cut/emboss Decorated Birthday Sentiment Grid Die with black cardstock, using the Grand Calibur Machine. Cut out “Happy” and “You.”
  6. Paint the word die cuts with Quinacridone Gold and Satin Varnish. Glue to canvas with Liquid Glass.
  7. Cut/emboss Decorated Birthday Crown Die from light chipboard and paint with Quinacridone Gold and apply Patina Green Antiquing cream applied over it. Apply Liquid Glass Beads to crown points and along curves of crown top.
  8. After drying, brush a thin coat of diluted Primary Magenta paint over crown die cut and dab off. Mount the crown with Dodz 3D and glue onto the canvas.
  9. Cut Decorated Birthday Flower 1 and Flower 2 Dies from canvas. Cut one Flower 2 Die and two Flower 1 Die to make a large bloom. Cut two Flower 1 Die to make a small bloom. The small flower die cuts naturally fray creating a unique fuzzy center! Glue together with 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue.
  10. To create colors for the blooms, dab diluted Primary Yellow paint onto centers. Paint the petals with a diluted mix of Primary Magenta and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide paints. Mist each with water to spread paint and then dab with paper towel to remove some color.
  11. Cut Decorated Birthday Leaf 1 and Leaf 2 Dies with canvas as many as desired. Paint the leaves with green color using a mixture of Primary Yellow and Primary Cyan plus Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide.
  12. Glue the embellished blooms and leaves to canvas. Tuck a loose twine bow under the flowers for the finishing touch.

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