Pocketful of Posies Ice Cream Banner

Hi everyone!
Debi Adams here and I am thrilled to bring you another variation on my Pocketful of Posies die, a Contour™ Steel Rule Die.  Truly it is my favorite “go-to” die simply because of the versatility it offers.


Creating an ice cream cone banner using the Pocketful of Posies die and the Tussy Mussy die, another Contour™ Steel Rule Die, was so easy.  Click: How to Create Pocketful of Posies Flower. Note: the ruffled center piece cut with the five-bladed scissors step can be eliminated entirely.  The cone itself is pretty self-explanatory.


Once you have made the Posies, hot glue the wire that is on the end of the flower into the bottom of the cone.  Also, I hot glued a small piece of wire in the shape of a Christmas hook to the center of the flowers so that they could be hung from twine.


Once all cones are hung and adjusted, secure in place with hot glue or clothespins otherwise they will slide around.   I love that there are lots of prints and patterns of tissue paper.  You get to create what you love and make it to fit your colors and theme.  Hope I have inspired you to create outside of the box.


Debi Adams

As far as she can remember, Debi has been crafting, creating and doing art in one form or another. Born and raised in Southern California and the mother of four grown daughters, Debi is an in-house Senior Creative Designer at Spellbinders. She considers herself an “eclectic artist”, dabbling in mixed-media, party décor, paper crafting, painting, calligraphy, sewing, floral arranging, and everything in between. She has been featured in Somerset Studios, Where Women Cook and Where Women Create magazines. Though her passion is in creating art, she finds as much joy in giving it away. Her free time is spent junking, traveling, seeing her girls and new grandson and creating…art!


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