Renaissance Jubilee Collection by Stacey Caron

Celebrating Sisterhood Has Never Been More Joyful…

Sister- A female offspring having one or both parents in common. A female friend or protector regarded as a sister.

Sisterhood – The state of being a sister. A congenial relationship or companionship among women; mutual female esteem concern support etc.

Soul Sister – Someone who fully understands you. The Sister of your soul, two or more females who click on every level imaginable and with who can talk about everything that matters in life.

I have been truly blessed throughout my life to have many friends that love and support me on my journey. Two of them, Cindy & Christy are my biological sisters with whom I love, cherish and share a unique & special bond with but many of my friends are considered “Soul Sisters”

With the recent and unexpected death of my mother, it became more apparent to me than ever before the importance of “sisterhood”. The support and strength that was provided to me during the most difficult time in my life was profound to say the least. I will be forever grateful to all of my sisters who took time out of their daily lives and rallied by my side to take care of me when I needed them most.

An interesting point I would like you to ponder is this, look at the women that are around you and consider the qualities they bring into your life. Are they there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on? Are you there for them? Are they the ones that stand behind you and silently support you when no one else is looking or paying attention? Or… are they the ones that when you need a break from the craziness of life come to your aide and make sure you get that break you desperately need?

My biggest piece of advice is keep your eyes and heart always open to new relationships and pay attention because you never know when a new sister may enter your life. Some of my dearest sisters have only come into my life recently.

For me, having the support of other women is so valuable. They help me see the world in unique ways and the support you will give and get in times of need is a great source of council and advice. I am truly thankful to share my life with so many beautiful & wonderful “ soul sisters” and Ladies ….. you know who you are and all I can say is Sisterhood ROCKS!

To celebrate Sisterhood and connections truly is a joyful experience! I recently hosted a little get together with a few of my sisters to thank them for all they mean to me. I hope my ideas will motivate, inspire & encourage you to gather up a few of your favorite sisters and celebrate your relationships!

Twinkle Jar Place Setting Marker


Misc supplies:


Metalic Acrylic Paint By DecoArt

Bling By Want To Scrap

Fairy Light Mason Jar

Spellbinders Supply list:

PL-001 Platinum Machine by Spellbinders

T-001 Tool ‘N One

Renaissance Jubilee By Stacey Caron Designs 

S4-649 Florence Medallion

S6-093 Label 46 Decorative Accent

S4-653 Jubilee Tags

SR-005 Layered Blooms


Hot glue gun

Pop Dot

Kerr Mason Jar

Fairy Lights


Printed card stock

Cut & Emboss Florence Medallion in Dark pattern cardstock with decorative accent #4.

Cut and Emboss Florence Accent #3 & #4 in lighter cardstock (together) to create a frame.

Tip: Cutting out more then one shape at a time can save some time.

Cut & Emboss Label 46 Decorative Accent #3.

Distress all cut outs with Deco Art Metallic acrylic paint.

Embellished with Want to Scrap rhinestones.

Drill hole in mason jar lid with a hand drill. Mark hole into the center of the die cut lid with a marker. Use a Japanese screw punch to place hole into die cut lid.

Place the twine through hole and die cut shape then adhere the light control to the top of lid with hot glue. Wrap fairy lights around moss and place in jar.

Cut out Layered Blooms set and hot glue them together forming a layered flower. Adhere flower and moss to mason jar lid.


Stacey Caron

Stacey Caron lives her life to Curate, Empower and Create.

President and co-founder of Spellbinders Creative Arts and Stacey Caron Design. In 2003, Stacey forever changed the world of die cutting and embossing. Responsible for co- developing the first universal cutting and embossing system and the first dies in the craft market to cut, emboss and stencil. Stacey’s achievement has resulted in the most widely used format for manual die cutting and embossing in today’s craft market.

After achieving numerous awards in product innovation and business including three consecutive years on the INC 500/5000 list an exclusive ranking of Entrepreneurs nationwide, 2014 & 2013 Bronze & Silver Stevie awards for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Innovator of the Year, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in the Desert Mountain Region, 2012 Enterprising Woman of the Year and several innovation awards from the Craft & Hobby Association, Stacey partnered with an investment company to grow the Spellbinders brand to new levels. Today, Stacey is active in designing multiple product collections for both the Spellbinders and Stacey Caron Design brands.


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